Getting to Know the Woods and Each Other

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Every minute in the woods with the children inspires and awes me. I feel so privaledged to be getting to know each child and see the wonder in their eyes as they make new discoveries and share them with each other and the teaching team. The Nature Preschool/Forest Kindergarten children have very much enjoyed playing chase, climbing the tree and slope, coloring and painting, inventing games, cooking food in the mud kitchen, taking short nature walks in small groups, and finding creatures. The Nature Explorers have enjoyed all of these things as well, and have also practiced their reading skills.

As the children play together, we extend their play and expand their thinking by asking open-ended questions, inviting them to reflect, and having them make a play plan at the beginning of each session. We help them develop their conflict resolution skills by mediating, not solving, their disputes and providing support in communicating their feelings and thoughts. We have made sure no learning opportunity is wasted, including the very valuable opportuntity to develop their ability to change their clothes when they get uncomfortable, and get themselves to the camping toilet in time. We help them gauge risk, and support their resiliance when they face frustrations and challenges to their own emotional and physical abilities.

Slowly we are noticing, and taking notes on, their interets. These will be the building blocks to inquiry based units that we will study over the long term. We are all enjoying watching the children thrive in Nature.

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