Our First Day

Today was day one of fall session! The temperature was so mild and the crickets were chirping. The grass had grown even taller over the last part of August, but the pathways through the woodland play area were still easily passable. Aftern morning meeting during which the children made plans for their play, children climbed the tree, balanced on the downed tree, and played chase. One of the favorite activities of two girls today was hammering nails and sawing sticks. The short visit to the creek the children asked for was very pleasant too. One of the boys, who had been to forest school camp this summer, showed another boy the deer tracks on the bank when the he had asked if any animals ever came into the area. We had, at first child's request, just shared a non-fiction book about deer earlier that the morning. That child had been able to point out the water striders yesterday during cleanup day. While at the creek, the youngest and newest child enjoyed digging in the wet sand with her hands, making a house. After the creek visit, we returned to base camp and had some lunch, then wrapped up the morning by following through with the children's desire to try climbing the climbing wall. Tomorrow I look forward to more children participating, but wonder how the new children will cope with and whether they will be prepared for the heavy rain expected as the remnants of a hurricaine pass through.

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